Dignity from Crop to Cup

Savor this specialty Colombian coffee knowing that every bean is hand-harvested with pride, roasted to perfection, and brought to you after years of hard work and dedication. 

Our farmers are paid well above a living wage, and sustainability, rather than profit, is at the heart of our mission — because at Dignity Coffee, there’s dignity from crop to cup.

Crop to Cup


Every cup of coffee has its own story to tell.

It starts with the farmers who translate wind, rain, soil, and sun into an exceptional crop of beans — and continues on with our master roaster and many others who make sure you’ll enjoy every last drop.

Sustainable, Direct-Sharing


Sustainability and direct sharing are essential to our work — our farmers know firsthand how vital the environment, as well as free and fair global exchange, is to premium coffee. 

Dignity is what drives us because it’s what it takes to fix a broken system, celebrate our farmers, and protect our natural resources.

Dedicated to Quality


Dignity Coffee roaster in Colombia was awarded 5th place at the 2019 Colombia Masters of Coffee competition.

This was a recognition of years of hard work, quality process, and patient innovation — all to brew the best speciality coffee Colombia has to offer. 

passion for quality, Ethically COMMITTED, specialty colombian Coffee

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Dignity Coffee

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