Dignity from Crop to Cup

Savor this specialty Colombian coffee knowing that every bean is hand-harvested with pride, roasted to perfection, and brought to you after years of hard work and dedication.

About Us


Farmers, Roasters & Baristas

As a farm-to-cup producer, Dignity beans have only ever been handled by experts. We are the coffee that connoisseurs save in their vaults for special occasions. 

For three years in a row, the Masters of Coffee Competition has recognized Dignity as one of the top 10 best specialty coffee producers in Colombia. This achievement comes from our understanding that a premium coffee can only be produced if farmers, roasters, and baristas work together. 


Beyond Feel Good Certifications

Our farmers, roasters, and baristas are artists, engineers, and sustainability warriors all wrapped into one, and we believe their pay should reflect that. 

Going beyond “feel good certifications” like Fair Trade, we embrace a bottom-up strategy on earnings distribution. 

Before Dignity grants any benefits to its upper-management team, it’s lowest wage-earners must have access to those same benefits. 

If our U.S. staff has health care, safe living conditions, and the ability to invest in their children's future, so do our farmers.  

Ethical coffee is not an afterthought for Dignity, it’s in our DNA. We are a direct trade and crop-to-cup company, and we will establish industry-standard best practices as we grow. 


Carbon Neutral

Climate change is not debatable. The survival of our species is at stake, and convenience and comfort is no longer an excuse for inaction. 

Dignity Coffee is already carbon neutral and seeks to be a net-carbon sequestering by 2021. We want every cup consumed to help humanity distance itself from an early grave.

Further, Dignity understands that it exists as part of a business ecosystem. We require every vendor to have a sustainability 2020 initiative. 

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Dignity Coffee

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